Ranks, Belts, & Promotions
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Central Tae Kwon Do Academy conducts 4 Testings a year for Children and Adults. 


See Class schedule for Testing dates.


All requirements must be fulfilled before a Testing application is submitted for approval.

  • Attendance

  • Physical Requirements (documented)

  • Knowledge Requirements

  • Community Service

TinyTot Testings (because of the restricted class size) are conducted during class on a "ready to go" basis.

Belts (what they mean) Rank
White  White 10th Gup Low White
  Yellow stripe 9th Gup High White
  Yellow 8th Gup Low Yellow
  Green stripe 7th Gup High Yellow
  Green 6th Gup Low Green
  Blue stripe 5th Gup High Green
  Blue 4th Gup Low Blue
  Red stripe 3rd Gup High Blue
  Red 2nd Gup Low Red
  Black stripe 1st Gup High Red
 2 Black stripes (1 each side) Recommended Black
  Black 1st Dan Black



Half Testings:  Students who have fulfilled attendance requirements but are not ready for a full test may be eligible for a half test.


Technique Requirements: (level of difficulty increases with each rank)

  • Community Service

  • Patterns

  • Kicks

  • Hand Techniques

  • Stances

  • Step Sparring

  • Ho Sin Sul  (takedowns & grabs)

  • Breaking

  • Knowledge

  • Attendance

    •  White Belts:

      • Minimum classes to be determined by Mrs. Ahmed.

    • Low Yellow to High Blue Belts:

      • Minimum 25 classes from last Scheduled Testing.

    • Low Red Belts & Higher:

      • Minimum 28 classes from last Scheduled Testing.

      • BLACK BELT TESTING:  Student must have 6 months of active training prior to Testing Day.


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